November 1998 - Volume Five, Number Eleven

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Charles H. Mazel, Ph.D., has spent years conducting marine research. Starting as a field researcher in Greece, then a technical resource for marine archaeologists, he's now engaged in a series of expeditions to the Bahamas to study the interaction of light upon the sea bottom. Dr. Mazel loves the sea - it's like a second home to him. This is somewhat unfortunate because Mazel suffers from a universal ailment that the French call mal de mer - a malady the rest of us know as seasickness.

Dr. Mazel, principal research scientist for Physical Sciences, Inc., Andover, Mass., gets so seasick, he could write a book. In fact, that's just what he did six years ago. Not the kind of book you'd see on the NBC Today Show, but Mazel was interviewed on radio a few times about his humorous and historical seasickness guide titled, "Heave Ho! My Little Green Book of Seasickness" (1992, Bernel Books).

In January, Dr. Mazel, 48, and more than 20 investigators from a wide range of disciplines, plan an expedition to the Caribbean Marine Research Center at Lee Stocking Island, Exuma Cays, Bahamas, to increase the understanding of the propagation of light in shallow water and its interaction with the benthic environment - the sea floor and any organisms that may be present.


A team of Royal Marines are seeking permission from their commanders to cross Antarctica in fall 2000. And from the look of their proposal, the project has all the trappings of a major military operation. If successful, the expedition will serve as a recruitment tool to highlight the adventurous opportunities that are available in service to the Queen, according to Royal Marine Sgt. Sean Chapple.


A trio of adventurers will retrace the footsteps of polar explorer Robert Scott, 87 years after his historic - and fatal - expedition. Before the year is out, team leader Peter Hillary (son of Sir Edmund), and Australians Eric Philips and Jon Muir, will ski or parasail with steerable kites across 1,738-mi. (2,804 km) of Antarctica in a self-sufficient 80 to 100-day trek to the South Pole and back.


Illa Tiki Sails From Ecuador - The Illa Tiki expedition began on Oct. 6 with the departure of the 20-ton balsa, bamboo, and hemp raft from Salango, Ecuador. The project, which EN first covered in July 1999, plans to demonstrate that an ancient sea-going tribe called Mantenos could have navigated similar rafts, and carried out trade with Central America. It also hopes to celebrate the epic 1947 voyage of the Kon-Tiki, Thor Heyerdahl's raft of similar proportions and similar purpose.


Wreck of Historic Australian Sub Explored

A group of divers in Turkey have explored the recently discovered wreck of the Australian WWI submarine AE2 (Australian E-Class #2). Before it sank in 72 meters of water in 1915, the AE2 accomplished one of the most daring submarine feats of that war by being the first of the allied vessels to successfully penetrate the treacherous Dardanelles Strait and gain access to the Sea of Marmara.

Polar Explorer's Home Auctioned

Story by William Michael, special correspondent

In a secluded corner of Pennsylvania's Endless Mountains, the former country home of 1920's polar explorer Sir George Hubert Wilkins was sold at auction for $249,000 on Oct. 25. The new owners, David and Darlene Baltzley, said they plan to make the 107-acre wooded estate their permanent residence. Located on a dirt road near the small town of Montrose, the estate includes a working flagstone quarry and a 13-acre private lake.


Speed Climbing Everest - In October, a Spanish mountaineer became the 809th person to reach the summit of Mount Everest. A few days later, on Oct. 17, Kaji Sherpa, 34, of Nepal shattered an eight-year-old record for the fastest time to summit. Kaji reached the peak after an exhausting 20 hr. 24 min. climb without the use of supplemental oxygen.


Thru-Hiker is Through Hiking - On Oct. 22, the NBC Today Show covered retired farmer Earl Shaffer, 79, upon completion of his third and final thru-hike of the 2,160-mi. Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.

Trigger's 15 Minutes of Fame - First Expedition News (September 1999), now USA Today. Trigger is on a roll. The McPaper devotes a full page on Oct. 29 to Twigg's planned winter climb of McKinley, plugging sponsors Hi-Tec Sports, Kelty, and Outdoor Research.


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