August 1998 - Volume Five, Number Eight

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From all appearances, Barry Warner is one of hundreds of London bike messengers. Weaving in and out of traffic 60 to 80 miles a day, never wearing a helmet, he may appear to be delivering packages for Hornets Couriers, but in reality, this 26-year-old resident of London is actually training for an expedition - for a nine month, 12,000-mi. mountain bike expedition from London to Cape Town, South Africa.

What separates this project from just another marathon bike ride is that Warner, and his former schoolmate, Glynn Ames, 25, a roofing contractor from Chatham, Kent, have received the expedition equivalent of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Last December they became recipients of a $4,000 award from the Malden Mills Polartec Performance Challenge. (See EN, July 1999).


A two-year study of the marine life of the coastal waters off Vietnam, called Project Ocean Quest, begins in late August under the direction of Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of the late Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and his chief scientist, Dr. Richard Murphy.


Howkins Discovers Body on K2 - American climber Heidi Howkins and Swiss climber, Christian Binggeli, reached K2's Camp 2 (21,980-ft.) on July 17 during Howkins' bid to become the first American woman to summit the world's second tallest, and arguably toughest mountain (See EN, April 1999). Howkins discovered the body of French climber Maurice Barrard who disappeared in 1986 with his wife, Liliane Barrard, one of only five women (none American and all now deceased) to have ever summited K2. A summit bid is scheduled for early August. One expedition sponsor, www.GreatOutdoors.Com, is running biweekly dispatches from the 28,251-ft. / 8,611 m mountain.


Students Underground - August brings the return of millions to college campuses around the world, and resumption of a clandestine pastime called tunneling - secret subterranean expeditions through maintenance and steam tunnels beneath the ivy-covered halls of higher education. Nowhere perhaps is tunneling more prevalent than at Colorado University in Boulder.

Denver to Host American Alpine Club Annual Meeting - Several of the world's foremost climbers, including Stevie Haston and David Breashears, will headline the American Alpine Club's 96th Annual Meeting, November 13-15 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center and the American Mountaineering Center in Golden, Colo.

No Mountain Too High - Andrea Gabbard's book, "No Mountain Too High, A Triumph Over Breast Cancer," is the story of the 17 breast cancer survivors of Expedition Inspiration, a climb of Argentina's 22,841-ft. Aconcagua in February 1995 to raise awareness of breast cancer and generate funding for research and patient education. The author and entire team will be at LL Bean in Freeport, Me. on Aug. 22 for a book signing event and team reunion.


Explornography - That's the new term coined by New York Times staff writer John Tierney in his Sunday magazine cover story of July 26 subtitled, "Going Where a Lot of Other Dudes With Really Great Equipment Have Gone Before." Tierney chronicles his soft adventure trip to Ellesmere island with polar explorer Paul Schurke and a group of other amateurs.

Because It's There, Sort Of - The premiere July/August issue of Brill's Content magazine says moviegoers to the Everest IMAX film may not notice one of the last lines to appear after several screens' worth of credits: "Some climbing scenes were recreated and filmed in the USA." Says Alec Lorimore, a producer of the film, "We wanted to be honest" about filming some of the scenes off Everest, "but we haven't gone out of our way to call attention to it."


EN has relocated three miles south to the Connecticut river town of Rowayton, 45 miles northeast of New York City. We look forward to our new periscopic view of the scenic Five Mile River, which, alas, has already been explored, charted and descended. Our new address is 137 Rowayton Avenue - Suite 210, Rowayton, CT 06853. Tel. 203 855 9400; fax 203 855 9433.


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