February 1998 Highlights - Volume Five, Number Two

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As you go through life, there are people you never forget. A fourth grade teacher. An assistant principal. Perhaps a mentor that provided valuable assistance during a critical juncture in a career path. For those of us at EN, one such unforgettable character is Col. Norman D. Vaughan - at the age of 92, the exploration field's Energizer bunny. The last surviving member of Admiral Richard E. Byrd's original 1928 expedition to Antarctica, Vaughan is a living link to the early 20th century's rich history of discovery.

Another planned Vaughan adventure is the Serum 25 Expedition, scheduled to leave Nenana, Alaska by dog sled in March 1999, and arrive in Nome around three weeks later.


Breitling Keeps on Ticking - Although the Breitling Orbiter managed to finally get aloft, January was not a pretty month for the various balloon teams chasing the elusive around-the-world record. Steve Fossett landed his "Solo Spirit" in Russia after just over four days; Dick Rutan and David Melton parachuted from their malfunctioning "Global Hilton" with merely four hours aloft; and a member of Richard Branson's crew was seriously injured in an unrelated parachute jump. In the understatement of the month, Steve Fossett said, "Around-the-world can be done - it's just surprisingly difficult."


Woman Caver Leads Study of Active Sulfur Cave;
Finds Weird Microbial "Snot-tites"

Louise D. Hose, Ph.D., one of the country's leading female cave explorers, and a geology professor from Missouri's Westminster College, led a team of scientists early last month into an almost unknown subterranean world - an active sulfur spring cave where they studied living creatures so bizarre that for centuries no one realized they were alive. Hose's team traveled to southern Mexico to delve into the Cueva de Villa Luz, or "The Cave of the Lighted House."


Three Australians Walk to South Pole - The first three Australians to walk to the South Pole without support returned to Sydney on Jan. 16.

Russians Climb McKinley in Winter - Russian climbers achieved a rare midwinter ascent last month of North America's tallest peak. Two of the three - Artur Testov, 32, of Riasan, and Vladimir Ananich, 40, of Moscow - reached McKinley's summit Jan. 16.

Olympic Environmental Expedition Concludes in Nagano - If all goes as planned during the Olympic Winter Games in Nagano this month, an international team of explorers will conclude an 11,160-mi. (18,000 km), 2-1/2-year journey that began during the closing moments of the 1994 Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer, Norway.

National Geographic Offers Exploration Grants - The National Geographic Society has created an Exploration Council to fund exploration in unknown or little-known areas of the earth, sea and space. Working with a million dollar annual budget, the Council expects to make several grants to explorers each year in the six-figure range; smaller grants of $15,000 - $20,000 will also be provided.


Paddle Our Arctic Rivers
- Canoe outfitting in the central Northwest Territories. The Burnside/Mara, Hood, Back, Thelon River and more ... One call does it all; we supply canoes, spray skirts, paddles, radios, river reports/maps, other gear, plus air transport. Rental camps available. Other expediting services available. An Inuit Partnership - owner-operated, 28 years experience. Brochure. Bathurst Inlet Lodge, Box 820 (EP), Yellowknife, NT X1A 2N6. Tel: 867-873-2595, fax: 867-920-4263. e-mail: bathurst@internorth.com

Zegrahm Expeditions
- Offers small group travel to unusual destinations in the company of the world's leading experts. Destinations include Antarctica, South Georgia and The Falklands; Antarctica The Far Side, including Kerguelen Islands, Crozet Islands, and Heard Island; Seychelles, Madagascar, Comoros and Zanzibar; Australia's Kimberley; the first-ever circumnavigation of Baffin Island; Aleutian Islands, Kuril Islands, and Kamchatka Peninsula; snorkel and diving expeditions to Palau and Yap; and many more. Zegrahm's Space Voyages division has begun taking reservations for our space experience travel program. Address: 1414 Dexter Avenue N #327, Seattle WA 98109; Phone: 800-628-8747; Fax: 206-285-5037; E-mail: zoe@zeco.com; Website: www.zeco.com. To receive information about our Space Voyages, call 1-888-SPACE66 or access www.spacevoyages.com.


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