January 1998 Highlights - Volume Five, Number One

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The long-awaited campaign by Inuit to gain their own province in Canada has attracted explorers interested in drawing attention to the lives of Canada's native people. One such adventurer is writer Jon Waterman, 41, a resident of Carbondale, Colo. His planned "Odyssey Among the Inuit" is a 2,200 mi., 14-mos. solo journey across the Northwest Passage that will include wintering over in an Inuit village.


Medicine and technology will combine on Mt. Everest this spring with the Everest Extreme Expedition - a study of how telemedicine can improve the quality of health care delivery to humans in extreme environments.

One doctor believes telemedicine could have saved lives during the Everest tragedy of May 1996. "Would you climb with a team leader with hypoxia-induced judgment deficiencies? We could have maximized their cognitive capabilities by monitoring blood oxygen levels," he said.


Fossett Launches, Uliassi Aborts

Adventurer Steve Fossett launched his balloon circumnavigation attempt in "Solo Spirit," while fellow Chicagoan Kevin Uliassi aborted his Transglobal Balloon Expedition after three hours due to equipment failure. Meanwhile, the "Global Hilton" and "Breitling Orbiter" await favorable weather, while Richard Branson's "Virgin Global Challenger 2," and the Australian "Dymocks Flyer" try to salvage their efforts.


Chronicling the Life of a Fossil Hunter -
Diaries of Walter Granger Reveal Extraordinary Career

This month we look at the life of American Museum of Natural History fossil hunter Walter Granger (1872-1941) and efforts by his grand nephew to research, edit and publish Walter and Anna Granger's personal expedition diaries and letters.


Anatoli Boukreev Feared Dead - Anatoli Boukreev, 39, is presumed dead after an avalanche on Annapurna in the Himalayas swept him away on Christmas Day, Nepal's Tourism Ministry said. Boukreev, a professional mountain guide living in Alma Ata, Kazakstan, and Santa Fe, N.M., was ascending the 26,545-ft8,091m peak when the avalanche struck.

Polartec Challenge Announces Winners - Approximately $70,000 in grants will be awarded to this year's winners of the annual Polartec Challenge, established by Malden Mills in 1992.


Cutting Your Own Throat Department - The Winter 1997 issue of Forbes FYI magazine caught the leader of the Canadian Seven Summits Expedition, a "50-plus Czech-Canadian builder named George," raging against the several hundred outdoor gear companies that refused to sponsor him.


Zegrahm Expeditions - Offers small group travel to unusual destinations in the company of the world's leading experts. Destinations include: Antarctica, South Georgia and The Falklands; Antarctica The Far Side, including Kerguelen Islands, Crozet Islands, and Heard Island; Seychelles, Madagascar, Comoros and Zanzibar; Australia's Kimberley; the first-ever circumnavigation of Baffin Island; Aleutian Islands, Kuril Islands, and Kamchatka Peninsula; snorkel and diving expeditions to Palau and Yap; and many more. Look for an announcement in the fall of 1997 regarding our VOYAGES TO SPACE. Address: 1414 Dexter Avenue N #327, Seattle WA 98109; Phone: 800-628-8747; Fax: 206-285-5037; E-mail: zoe@zeco.com; Web site: http://www. zeco.com. To be put on an interest list for our Space Voyages, call 1-888-SPACE66 or access http://www.spacevoyages.com.

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