October 1997 Highlights - Volume Four, Number Ten

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Here are Highlights of our October 1997 issue. For a free sample issue contact us at editor@expeditionnews.com or 203-656-3300.


Antarctica holds an irresistible attraction for Sunniva Sorby, a native Norwegian explorer who traveled there in 1993 with the American Women's Antarctic Expedition. Sorby and co-leader Laurie Dexter, a male guide from the Canadian Northwest Territories, plan to leave Berkner Island, Antarctica two years from now, haul 200 lbs. sleds to the South Pole, then continue towards McMurdo Sound via the Axel Heiberg glacier by mid-February 2000.

If successful, Sorby, 36, will become the first woman to ski across Antarctica, and Dexter, 52, will be the first person to ski across both the Arctic Ocean through the North Pole (accomplished in 1988), and the Antarctic continent through the South Pole.


Much has been said about the garbage left on Mount Everest by previous expeditions spanning over 70 years. There have even been expeditions to the mountain with the purpose of not climbing, but cleaning up the trash. Now a professional archeologist believes all that garbage isn't necessarily such a bad thing. Gary L. Moore, 55, of Lyons, Colo., proposes an historic archeological dig on Everest.


International Greenland Expedition Sets Arctic Kayaking Record - In their quest to circle Greenland by kayak and dog sled, the two-man International Greenland Expedition recently set an Arctic kayaking record of 1,250 miles, according to Lonnie Dupre, 36, of Grand Marais, Minn. The IGE team has now completed the first leg of their planned 4,700-mi. journey around the world's largest island (See EN, August 1996).


Branson Will Try Again - Virgin boss Richard Branson will launch a third bid to circumnavigate the world in a hot air balloon this December, accompanied by Swedish balloon designer Per Lindstrand and business partner Rory McCarthy.

Royal Geographic Society Announces Ralph Brown Award - The Royal Geographic Society based in London will launch a new annual 15,000 pound award offered to the leader of an expedition involving the study of inland and coastal wetlands, rivers or shallow marine environments.

Scott Expedition Photos Rediscovered - They have been called, quite simply, the finest photographs ever made of an expedition. A limited edition of 20 hand-finished photographic prints from the archive of Captain Robert F. Scott's 1910-13 expedition to the Antarctic will be shown Oct. 15 at a Royal Geographic Society fund-raiser in London. And judging from an advance preview of the prints, the photography is striking in its composition and absolute clarity. Surely the images must have been in their day the equivalent of taking an IMAX camera to the top of Everest.

Editor's note: As we celebrate our third anniversary, we're gratified by the continued growth of both the newsletter and its Web site. Between the two, we reach approximately 3,000 people a month, representing sponsors, media, expedition leaders, and those we affectionately call "armchair explorers" (the description we usually give ourselves when there's a newsletter to publish every 30 days). The coming year holds great promise: we've expanded our coverage to provide subscribers with telephone and e-mail addresses to learn more about selected expedition projects; we expect to announce a new Web site that will reach thousands more; and talks have begun to supply expedition information to a proposed new television program.


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